Sunday, July 14, 2019

BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY: Christmas in July! (US Only)

For several weeks in the United States, one of the top news stories has been the HEAT. 

Not political heat (which is a long-term story), and not tempers (though hot tempers flare in this weather), but HEAT of the Mother Nature kind. 

Everyone is searching for relief -- in air-conditioning, in front of fans, in movie theaters, in swimming pools, and in cool shelters. Cold temperatures and the Spirit of Christmas seem a long way off. I have felt a deep need for snowy days, holiday lights and brighter times. Christmas was never meant to appear for just a few weeks at the end of the year, but to live in our hearts every day.

And here comes RELIEF in a big way.

The Christmas in July Blog Hop Giveaway!

You can discover some new favorite authors and enter giveaways offering fabulous prizes along the way. This year, one of the prizes I'm offering is my own holiday novella RESTORE MY HEART, the third book in the Pittsburgh Connections series. If you like all things Hallmark, you'll truly enjoy RESTORE MY HEART. (P.S. The Hallmark Channel's "Christmas in July" movie fest started on July 12th.)

Here's the story of RESTORE MY HEART...

Christmas Miracles Don't Happen.

To Sally Myers, the holidays meant her mother's alcoholic binge, so Sally is no fan of Christmas. Her father and all the men who followed abandoned her, leaving her broken-hearted before she knew what whole-hearted felt like. From this rocky start, Sally has built a successful professional life. Still, she guards her heart against romance and love.

Now she has to work with appealing newcomer Jeff Campbell, a traveling restoration craftsman, just the wrong type of guy for her. In the hours of striving together to meet holiday deadlines, Jeff reveals himself to be both attentive and trustworthy. Maybe he could be the right man for her after all. 

Longing to believe in the miracle of Jeff's love, Sally drops her guard. When he leaves for his next project, her biggest fear is that he'll never come back.


NOW TO THE GIVEAWAY! Scroll down to enter the giveaway and have the coolest Christmas in July ever!

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  1. While I love Christmas, I have to admit to loving this heat. I took my family out to the lake for tent camping fun last week during the hottest week we'd had here in Oklahoma so far. We did bring a small A/C for our tent so we could sleep at night, but really it was SO fun! We spent much of our time in the water.

    1. Hi Sabrina! I'm in awe of people who camp -- and you have tent A/C! I like your version of camping. Although I'm not a fan, I do have fond memories of a YWCA camp with rough dormitory cabins in the mountains of Western PA. I carry those summer camp days close to my heart. And my take on the heat? Without the heat, we can't appreciate the cold as much and vice versa. So glad you had a good time with the family!